- A tall floor lamp, ready to twist and bend your perception of your home.

- Whether you need a soft lamp to sit under and read, or a brighter light for the entire room, the path lamp will provide the illumination you need.

- An optional wooden base weight can be added to provide support, so the lamp doesn't tip over as easily.

- The path collection comes in two colorways, solar flare (sepia/ copper tones), and dark matter (tinted/ black tones); however other color options are available if you have a specific look in mind.

- Reach out for further customization.

* This is a very tall lamp and can be a little tippy, and is not advisable to a house with younger children or energetic pets, just as a heads up *


Path lamp

SKU: 0002
  • - Steel Frame

    - Glass sphere

    - light bulb

    - wooden base