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- A Chair designed to support you as you sit during a long contemplation or a quick idea.
- The bent steel frame suspends the utility of the chair, as the solid oak seat rests upon the metal supports.
- A leather backrest that adjusts accordingly to the height of where you need support.
- A magnet holds it in place while still allowing the leather to move up and down the metal frame.
- This chair takes up a minimal amount of space to the eye, but still supports and cradles the body exactly where it needs to.
-The path collection comes in two colorways, solar flare (sepia/ copper tones), and dark matter (tinted/ black tones); however other color options are available if you have a specific look in mind.
- Reach out for further customization.

Path Chair

SKU: 0001
  • 17" x 19" x 42"